After much trial and error over the years, I've learned what factors are a MUST for me when it comes to working with brands:

  • organization/structure
  • intuitive interface/user friendly 
  • great customer support
  • affordable 
  • robust system (can meet my needs)

For the reasons above - the below resources are what I currently use in my business and LOVE!

Planning/Organizing Your Biz: the two work hand-in-hand and are a perfect compliment to my right-brained/visual planning needs. Don't hesitate to make the purchase...they've helped me incredibly and the process is fun too!

Website Platform: Squarespace (free trial)

Email Marketing software: Mailer Lite (free up to 1000 subscribers) - I am an affiliate because I love them so much. Please use this link to sign-up!

Indie Book Publisher (for self-publishing): Bookbaby

Instagram Decoded - A complete guide to growing your account: Instarevealed