Tone It Up - online workouts + nutritional plan:

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After years of searching for a fitness/nutritional plan that would work for me, I finally came upon Tone It Up. It's the best, most effective AND supportive community you'll ever find. I really wish they had an affiliate program.

  • free daily workouts or a paid monthly subscription via their app (which I highly recommend)
  • nutritional plan
  • and so much more. seriously, you will be inspired to up your game in every aspect of your life - you just have to try it out for yourself. 


Plant-Based/Vegan Protein Powder:

I've done lots of research, and these are my fave. Tone It Up has the fewest ingredients (which I like), but is a bit more pricey. Garden of Life has a few more 'things' added to it, but the price is nice and it's still a trustworthy product.