Hey! I'm Tiffany,

A professional athlete turned writer, surfer and feelgood specialist.

I'm here to teach you how to develop & strengthen your intuitive skills so that you can make relationship decisions with ease, and live a life you love.

Whether you're struggling with your lover, your mother, your best-friend or your boss ~ everything you think, feel, and do comes back to the relationship you have with YOU. 

My feelgood specialities include:

  • certified mindset coach
  • certified angel tarot reader
  • storyteller/author
  • meditation guide 

What's the feelgood, you ask?

It's the place within you that has all the answers you're looking for. 

I see it as a direct line of communication to the angels, the universe, God...your true Self.

It's your connection to a higher power, the one that is:

  • Excited to be of service and willing to take all the weight off of your shoulders.
  • Capable of resolving any problem, no matter how dark & twisted.
  • Straightforward and honest while gentle at the same time.
  • Zero judgement/always has your back.
  • Great listener.
  • On-call 24/7.

How will I know I'm there?

You'll know because of how you feel. It's like when you catch that perfect wave or pull into that perfect barrel. 

There's no thinking. Just being.

Your movements are effortless yet strong, intuitive yet smart, & fierce yet full of grace.

It's when time stands still, the noise is gone, and you're 'in the zone'. 


    Cool! How do I tap into it?

    You tap into it by quieting your mind and listening. 

    Of course, with all those distractions and priorities and 'important' things to do...most people resist.

    That's why I created the phrase; 'Follow The Feelgood®', a simple mantra to help you in the moment. In other words, before you say yes to anything, first ask yourself; does it feel good?  

    Then again, it's not always easy to know what feels good and what doesn't. Sometimes you've just been pitched over the falls and are tumbling around completely disoriented and hangin' on for dear life!

    No worries, that's when it's time to dive deeper into Follow The Feelgood®, a spiritual journey that incorporates: 

    • connecting with the angels via Angel Tarot
    • encompassing the principles of; A Course In Miracles and Vipassana Meditation
    • utilizing my skills as a Mindset Coach and Athlete.



    These are some of my results:


    • Left my career as a professional athlete in the extreme sport of Whitewater Freestyle Kayaking because it was no longer fulfilling, even though I was still very successful: 3 Canadian Titles, 1 North American Title, and a Bronze World Medalist. 
    • Recovered from heartbreak when my fiancé suddenly abandoned me after 7 years for another woman. 

             Click here to read the story

    BEFORE                                                                         AFTER

    BEFORE                                                                         AFTER

    • Lost 40 pounds (after gaining 30lbs. post break-up) without altering my diet or exercise routine. It was a mental journey that went from holding on to letting go, and transformed my body in the process. 

             Click here to read the story

    • Made a big move to Hawaii from Canada and spent 4 years as Human Resources manager for over 100 people at a renowned retreat centre - reinventing my life and discovering my Self in the process.


    • Met the man of my dreams one magical night on the dance floor of an electronic music festival. His name is Ken!
    • And now I travel the world doing what I love: writing, surfing, and developing the feelgood formula so that I can share it with clarity and authenticity. I'm not perfect, but I'm doing my best. And the more I practice what I preach, the better my 'best' gets...that's how I know it works.

    Making decisions doesn't have to be difficult.

    With a shift in your mindset, some guidance from the Angels, and practical ACTION steps, I know how to help you transform your life in a way that will bring you real results - in a way that feels good too.

    It's your duty to Follow The Feelgood® within you. It'll get you off the hook and set you free...100% GUARANTEED!


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